A Message from the President

Please read this letter from our President regarding our current situation.

To Our Loyal Membership:

I would just like to thank all the hardworking dedicated nurses who are risking their lives to take care of our patients. When we went into the nursing profession, who would have thought we would work through a pandemic like COVID-19. Yet, we continue to show our true colors and respond to the challenges we are faced with daily.

We hear all the concerns and believe me , we are acting on them every day. We have fought life insurance for all- we won that. We fought to have surgical masks changed daily and won that. We are getting scrubs for the Covid units so that RNs can change prior to going home. We have also filed a grievance related to PPE- that every nurse has the equipment needed daily to fight this virus. We continue to fight constantly for the most requested item- hazard pay for the front line RNs. We have filed a grievance and will take it as far as arbitration if needed. We hope a resolution comes prior to that, but know that we address it constantly.

Every concern, every question that is presented to us, is addressed. Know that we are all the union and your voice is being heard.

I am very proud to work with some of the finest nurses in the Barnabas system. We are the nurses – the Robert Wood Nurses.