Updated Court Order from 9/20/2023

USW 4-200 received Court Order that was filed by RWJ.

On 20th day of SEPTEMBER 2023 the court ordered that USW 4-200 , that should not be:

1. Collecting or gathering to collect or gather in the streets or sidewalks, or other public places at or near Plaintiff’s said Hospital or in the parking lots, parking garages, parking garage entrance/exits or at near the entrances of said Hospital for the purpose of intimidating or threatening Plaintiff’s employees who desire to work, or any of them or any patient or person having business with the Plaintiff, provided that nothing in this paragraph or any other provision of this Consent Order shall enjoin, impair or interfere with any peaceful gathering and/or picketing by the Defendants on sidewalks, or other public places at or near Plaintiff’s said Hospital, as set forth herein.
2.Preventing, hindering, blockading or obstructing Plaintiff’s employees or any patient or other person from approaching, entering or leaving Plaintiff’s Hospital and parking garages for the purpose of rendering their services to Plaintiff or doing business with Plaintiff; and by coercing any persons to refrain from Plaintiff’s employment or from availing themselves of Plaintiff’s services or otherwise doing business with Plaintiff at its Hospital.
3. From using noise makers and instruments, such as megaphones, drums, air horns and noise amplifiers on the sidewalks or entrances adjacent to the Plaintiff’s facility.
4. Inducing, intimidating, or coercing Plaintiff’s employees who desire to work at its Hospital, by threats of force or violence, to leave its employ or deny their services, and by like means from preventing, hindering or obstructing Plaintiff’s employees or any of them from rendering their services to Plaintiff.
5. Parading or patrolling, gathering, loitering or picketing about the entrances or premises of the Hospital or public streets or sidewalks approaching thereto or in the vicinity thereof, except in numbers so as not to exceed 15 individuals at any single location.
6. From violence or threats of violence practiced upon any person now employed, or hereafter employed, or who is willing to be employed by Plaintiff at its Hospital or upon patients or other persons desiring to conduct business with Plaintiff at its Hospital.
7. From obstructing in any manner whatsoever the premises of Plaintiff so as to prevent the delivery of goods, wares, or merchandise or other personal property of Plaintiff or goods consigned to Plaintiff or the shipment of goods, wares, or merchandise from the Plaintiff’s Hospital.
8. From cutting off or stopping Plaintiff’s vehicles, buses transporting replacement nurses, or the automobiles of Plaintiff’s employees or of patients or other persons doing business with the Plaintiff upon the public streets and parking garages.
9. From threatening damage to or inflicting damage upon any property of Plaintiff or that of its employees or committing in any manner whatsoever damage to personal or real property of either Plaintiff or its employees or patients or others doing business with Plaintiff.
10. From ordering, commanding, directing or abetting in any manner whatever any person or persons who attempt to commit or who commit any of the aforesaid acts; and
11. Plaintiff will promptly notify Defendant, USW LOCAL 2-400, or its representatives, of any purported violation of this Order;



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