Rules for Picketing

1. This Order needs to replace the original Order on the Website and stay posted up there for the duration of the strike. It should also be shared with strike captains and the local’s leadership.


2. While peaceful gathering, picketing is permitted on sidewalks and other public places near the Hospital, the picketers are limited in number to 15 individuals at any single location. I suggest a significant distance between groups of picketers.


3. Picketers may not utilize noise makers, instruments, megaphones, horns, drum or amplifiers.


4. Picketers may use the sidewalks to travel past garages, roadways and entryways at or near the hospital, but they may not block or interfere with the ingress or egress of traffic or deliveries or the flow of traffic at any time. One way to ensure this does not occur is to keep a distance between picketers as they cross these locations or cross road intersections to allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass through.


5. While there is no prohibition against coarse language or insults, language that the threatening or violent in nature is prohibited.


6. Threats, violence, intimidation or property damage of any type is prohibited.


7. Anyone notified of any alleged violation of the Order, should alert Judy/Joe and then you should alert me.


8. Any violations could result in the Hospital going into court to seek additional injunctions, and for particularly egregious conduct, the court could hold individuals in contempt.