Letter to Membership


Dear Loyal Membership,
We want to assure you that we are addressing all the concerns as they are brought to us. Here is the latest update:
  1. Employees will be getting a “Hero Bonus” this Friday, May 1st. Your leadership has details. Although the Union believes this is a small step, we believe Hazard pay is needed for nurses who are directly dealing with the COVID population which we have pursued via a grievance. The frontline nurses deserve Hazard Pay.
  2. As many of you are aware the life insurance has been changed to include ALL bargaining RNs – full time and part time. IF anyone has taken out voluntary life insurance and would like to cancel it, you have until May 29th to decline the voluntary life insurance if you desire. Log on to benefits express and cancel the voluntary life insurance if you desire.
  3. The Local spoke directly to the Governor on Friday, April 24th about PPE. The Governor stated that it remains a problem in NJ. We will continue to address every avenue we can to ensure our nurses have PPE.
  4. We have worked out a plan for the Clinical Ladders expiring April and May. There will be an extension until June 30th. Please speak to your leadership for additional information.
  5. Scrubs will be coming for the remaining COVID floors by weekend. Please see your leadership for more details.
  6. The membership meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 7th has been postponed to a date in June. More information to follow.
  7. The Contract that is set to expire on June 30th will be extended. More information to follow.
Please stay healthy, be safe and stay United.
In Solidarity,
Judith Danella