About Us

Mission Statement

The object of this Local Union chartered by the International is to unite all nurses within its jurisdiction:

a. to improve their wages, hours of work, job security and other conditions of employment and the work environment; including but not limited to those which are conducive to safety, good health and full enjoyment of life;

b. to promote the profession of nursing within the facility and to the public; to strive to insure high standards of quality patient care; and, to promote educational, professional, and political opportunities for the members;

c. to promote their social, political, cultural and economic interests, and to encourage their participation in political activities, and to urge the exercise of their responsibilities as citizens, and as patient advocates;

d. to safeguard, protect and extend freedom, civil liberties and democracy; to strive for equality regardless of race, color, creed, sex or national origin;

e. to engage in collective bargaining, to support stability and prosperity in the industry and to maintain harmonious relations between RWJUH management and the nurses represented by this International Union;

f. to promote company and industry-wide bargaining;

g. to organize workers and assist in the organization of all working people;

h. to aid and cooperate with free trade unions and healthcare unions everywhere and such professional nursing organizations, whose purposes are in accord with and approved by the International, and to affiliate with and become a part of such organizations;

i. to engage in political activities and secure beneficial legislation and regulations and obtain the defeat and repeal of harmful legislation or regulations and keep this Local Union free from any and all corrupt and subversive influences.